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56,000 Bankruptcy Claims Were Filed During 2011 In Michigan, Making Bankruptcy Attorneys In Michigan An Important Resource

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A filing rate for bankruptcy during 2011 of 5.64 per 1,000 residents suggests that the bankruptcy lawyers in Michigan are very active. A Michigan bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand the difference between Chapter 13 bankruptcy Michigan provides and Chapter 7 bankruptcy michigan provides. Filing bankruptcy in Michigan is not a guarantee that all of your existing debt is going to be eradicated. While the bankruptcy laws that exist in Michigan have evolved considerably since Roman law during 450 BC was established that allowed creditors to deal severely with debtors, including slavery or even death in the case of extreme debt, there are still very serious consequences to falling way behind on your bills.

Some bankruptcy attorneys in Michigan are more reliable than others. The most reliable bankruptcy attorneys in Michigan understand individual cases require a unique approach. Under Chapter 13, debtors that file bankruptcy will be able to have debt erased for up $1.08 million for unsecured debt, including credit cards, and up to $360,475 for secured debt on real estate, car loans or other assets. The difference between restructuring your debt and liquidating your assets must be understood before you file for bankruptcy. The most reliable bankruptcy attorneys in Michigan will make sure that you comprehend this difference before paperwork is ever filed. The professional services that a bankruptcy attorney in the state of Michigan provides for your situation can help you avoid causing an even worse situation as you try to get back to financial stability.

Say yes! to the right ring

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The engagement ring market is booming this time of year as couples, speaking the language of love, say the words YES and I WILL to each other. Engagement periods are some of the happiest times in a couple’s life. From showing off the engagement ring and talking about the proposal to planning your special wedding day, an engagement is a time to reflect on how far you have come and all that you have to look forward in the future as Mr. and Mrs.
Engagement rings have long symbolized the bond between two people as they begin to plan their lives together. A diamond engagement ring, a standard choice for those really hoping to inspire and dazzle, is often presented by the person to the person with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives. Choosing the right ring for the right person can be tricky to the untrained person. However employing the help of a jeweler or an ring dealer will help the buyer gain a deeper perspective about engagement rings and why the right one matters.
For instance, there are several different kinds of engagement rings that have circulated for hundreds, if not thousands of years. There are the Irish Claddagh Rings, which are not only meant for the hands of an Irish woman these days. They rings are noted for a band and two hands holding a heart, topped by a crown. This ring symbolizes love, trust and loyalty. While engaged, the heart is pointed away from the body. Once married, the wearer flips the ring to point toward the body.
Another type of engagement ring are called You and Me Rings, a French designed ring which bears two matching stones encircled by metal or other gemstones. This ring was created with love in mind.
Asking for the hand of the person you love does not always mean spending a fortune on an engagement ring. For those ecologically responsible there are engagement rings made of recycled gold and other metals and rings made with no diamonds but cost effective gemstones. Often times, an eco conscious shopper will choose not to buy a diamond engagement ring if it means buying from a diamond mine with questionable or illegal practices.
Which ever ring a buyer chooses, its sure to be the one to put a smile on their true love’s face and will create a lifetime of memories as they plan their lives together.