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Have You Considered Building a Custom Made Home?

Written by admin on July 8, 2013. Posted in Big sky architects, Bozeman homes

Jackson hole log homes

When I first started to consider moving, I had no idea that I could build custom made homes. Sure, custom home designers are pretty pricey, but if you wan to move, make sure you upgrade is what I say, and there is no better way to upgrade than custom made homes.

I wanted to find custom made homes in Wyoming, though, specifically. This is in large part because Wyoming is really one of only nine states that does not tax individual wage income. I really liked the Big Sky region, too, because its major industries include both tourism and the tech sector. I have my fingers in each of those pies, which makes it perfect.

Plus, the Big Sky region is one of the last places in all of the Rocky Mountain West that remains uncrowded and surrounded by vast regions of unspoiled wild lands, which was very important

What a Yellow Pages Agency Can do for a Company

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Business listings management

Advertising for a small, local company can be a tricky process in this day and age. Today, the internet is ground zero for marketing and advertising. Having a proper internet advertising strategy is crucial to success. Local small businesses have the most to gain from internet marketing. Advertising in the Yellow Pages is not quite what it used to be. Now the Yellow Pages is online. To get your company exposure, one will need information about online marketing and understand the basics of SEO optimization. But this is not something a company do alone. A company can employ their own Yellow Pages agency to assist with Continue Reading | 6 Comments