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Five Ways to Tell if Your Coach Bag is Legit

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A quarter of adults admit to having gone shopping in pursuit of retail therapy at some point, and 33% of them say that, afterwords, they actually feel better, according to a 2011 Harris Interactive survey. While there are all kinds of items that people could buy, almost everyone will want to try to find some great deals. This might be particularly true when it comes to brand name handbags and other similar items. If those are the kinds of products that someone is looking for, they might want to visit a Coach outlet. The concern with shopping at a Coach outlet vs Coach retailer is that items might be fake. In order to avoid getting scammed, consumers should check out several distinctive features of the bag.

1. Check the Zipper

All authentic bags will have the letters “YKK” embossed

Does Your Shower Base Meet Your Hygiene Standards?

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Shower base

Personal hygiene is one of the most important aspects of modern life and to keep clean, one has to have a sanitary and safe area to do so. Keeping yourself clean prevents disease, discomfort and is no doubt something individuals that you choose to surround yourself with will thank you for. Some people opt to take baths but more and more frequently people are choosing high efficiency shower that use less water and energy than the traditional bath.

When searching for shower bases, don’t just look for any old piece of plastic to stand on. A good shower base should also provide a surface that prevents slipping to prevent accidents that could land you in the hospital. It should also provide efficient drainage to prevent the buildup of whatever washe