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An MX Gaming Keyboard Can Be Used For More Than Just Gaming

Written by admin on August 10, 2013. Posted in Custom input keyboard, Linear gaming keyboard, Metal keyboard with integrated pointing device

Custom control panel

Did you know TYPEWRITER is the longest word you can make using only one row of keys on your keyboard? This is true of pretty much every keyboard, even those fancy ergonomic custom keyboards that split the keys by right hand keys and left hand keys.

Other than typing, another popular use for a keyboard is gaming. An Mx gaming keyboard often has a joystick built in, which makes gaming a lot easier. You can also use this joystick to scroll on the web, making it an ergonomic keyboard as well.

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Looking for News on Movies, Music? Three Great Places to Checkout

Written by admin on August 10, 2013. Posted in Entertainment weekly online, Online entertainment

Online entertainment

Are you a fan of all things American entertainment? The world of showbiz is completely fluid. It always seems to be moving, morphing, and, at times, wilting away. If you are looking to stay up on all the latest in movie and music news, then you need a source of quality entertainment news online. Here are three of the best.

  • Entertainment Weekly Online
  • %3Cbr%3E

    Making its move online entertainment Weekly features the same great variety of entertainment news that it features in its traditional print magazine. The site features interviews with celebrities, reviews of new musical releases, and in-depth looks at the latest in celebrity gossip. This popular source of entertainmen