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Want a Powerful and Iconic Ride That is Going to Last?

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Mercedes benz of miami

Hans Werner, founding father of AMG said, “You cannot really upgrade a Mercedes, you can only make it different.” A Mercedes is a classy ride. If you are lucky enough to own one, it can be hard to say goodbye. Keep your Mercedes in tip top shape, or upgrade it, with Mercedes Benz parts. Why keep your Mercedes running as long as possible?

A Powerful Engine That Will Not Quit

Mercedes engines are built to last, and they pack a lot of power, too. In fact, world traveler Mike Horn is sailing the seven oceans on his yacht, aptly named “Pangea.” Horn does not risk poor conditions, and equips Pangea with two Mercedes diesel engines, boasting up to 440 hp each. Need more proof? A G55 can reach up to 500 hp, or packs the same power as the fluke of a blue whale.

Models Stand the Test o

Putting Off That Oil Change? Bad or Old Motor Oil Can Fry Your Engine

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Where to change car engine oil

Not changing your oil, or using the wrong oil, can mean buying a new engine. Engines are not cheap. Save thousands of dollars by changing your oil regularly, and using high quality oil to do it. How?

Start Small

If you do not know too much about cars and changing your oil, calm down. Give yourself a break, and start small. Answers to questions like, “What is the best motor oil?” and “When should i change my oil?” stem from an understanding of the basics. What should you know? Most motor oil is produced from petroleum-based compounds, but some kinds are also produced using other chemical compounds. Motor oil and regular oil changes help your car start, reduces friction, lubric