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Internet Marketing Has Change the Face of Marketing

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Suffice it to say that Internet marketing is changing the face of marketing in general. Gone are the days when all a business needed was a good print campaign, and perhaps a broadcast spot or two to drive new business. Then we saw the advent of digital media that came in and completely turned traditional marketing on its head. Today, we need to pay attention to things such as page rankings and ROIs of our websites.

In the old days, people opened the yellow pages; today, a whopping 93 percent of online user experiences start with a search engine, usually to search for a product or services. And then there are the mobile device users. Approximately 64 percent of smart phone owners shop online using their mobile devices.

As you can see in the current digital environment knowing how to utilize Internet marketing

Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams with the Right Remodelers

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Small kitchen remodeling

The most popular rooms for an American homeowner to remodel are the kitchen and bathrooms. This probably coincides with the fact that these two rooms also bring a homeowner the most return for their investment when they go to sell the home. Even if you plan to stay in your home forever, you are going to want to choose the best kitchen remodelers for the least expensive price.

When starting a remodel project, 65 percent of homeowners use a general contractor. In addition, 7.6 million homeowners this year alone are remodeling their kitchen. If you have plans to hire kitchen remodelers, you may want to begin your research as soon as possible. You may want to start gathering different Continue Reading | 5 Comments