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Life Can Surprise You Are You Covered?

Written by admin on September 25, 2013. Posted in Can i dispute child support arrears, Divorce lawyers california, Elder abuse attorneys

Laws against elder abuse

I would like to begin this article by stating for the record that none of what I am about to say is legal advice. I am not an estate planning lawyer, family law lawyer, nor am I a divorce and family law expert. I am, however, going to share with you my experiences in dealing with the what ifs and unexpected happenings in life, and how you can protect yourself.

It surely comes as no surprise to you that divorce happens, and in fact, is rather common. But did you also know that the more divorced friends and family you have in your inner circle raises your chances for marital demise? If, for example, your close friends are divorced, you are nearly 150% more likely to have your marriage dissolved. And if your siblings find themselves walking the divorce aisle, you, too, are at a 22% increased ch