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Como Hacer Flan de Chocolante Caliente? Follow Our Recipe

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Recetas de camarones

Two of the most famous dishes ever to come out of Mexico are hot chocolate and flan. The former is an invention of the Aztec people, an ancient culture that lived in Central Mexico. As The Daily Mail writes, chocolate was invented over 3,100 years ago when the Aztecs were attempting to create a beer-like beverage. What resulted, some would argue, is much better than any beer. Flan, according to, has its roots in Ancient Rome. Even so, the dish has taken on such new life in Mexico that it’s regarded almost as a native creation.

While flan hasn’t really changed much since its creation, the hot chocolate most of us know and love today uses decidedly different recetas than the classic Aztec version. As L

The Best Hardware Does Not Have to be Expensive

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Grommet rubber

A local hardware store has almost everything you need for projects around the house. If you want to redo your drawers to help them slide in and out easily, you can find drawer rollers to accomplish this. If you want to do wiring or cabling, you will find a number of items like electrical conduit tubes in the electrical section. These tubes protect wires from damage. The same isle will probably stock conduits made from plastic, fiber, fired clay, or metal to fit your wiring needs. The same area of the store might also have threaded standoffs that will help suspend a circuit board to prevent electrical shortage. Another product that would be helpful is a cable tie, otherwise known as a hose or zip tie. This can greatly reduce the clutter