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Tom’s Auto Clinic in Elgin IL

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Tom’s Auto Clinic

264 Prairie St

Elgin, IL 60123


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Tom’s Auto Clinic was founded in 1969 by Tom and Jan Brockner. From oil changes to engine problems, if it is on a car we have worked on it! We give each customer excellent service and respect.

Are You Using the Right Motor Oil?

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What motor oil to use

Having the right motor oil in your vehicle is incredibly important. Motor oil performs many functions, such as helping your engine start easily, lubricating engine parts, reducing friction, protecting against rust and corrosion, keeping engine parts clean, minimizing combustion chamber deposits, and cooling your engine parts.

Motor oil never wears out, but it does get very dirty, so recycling it saves a valuable resource. People should be aware of oil change locations and know when to get an oil change, as they should be done regularly to keep engines working to their utmost potential. There are a number of different motor oil types, so it is also incredibly important to know which type of motor oil best suits your engine.

Motor oil is made from petroleum based and non petroleum synthesized chemical