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Can You Trust Children’s Climbing Toys?

Written by admin on January 21, 2014. Posted in Cable ties, Rubber grommets sizes, Screw cover caps

Threaded standoff

Are climbing toys safe for children? Parents admit 200,000 children into emergency rooms with injuries from climbing toys and playground equipment, according to Kids Health. This confirms what many parents fear: indoor and outdoor climbing toys, including slides, swing sets, play sets, and climbing walls, may endanger your child. Lookout for these telltale signs to help prevent injury:

Sign #1: Public or Private Playground Equipment Placed on Hard Surfaces

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that it is markedly unsafe to use indoor or outdoor climbing toys on hard surfaces. Never place outdoor play sets on asphalt or concrete; do not trust public playgrounds with similarly unforgiving surfaces. Outdoor swing sets and playground equipment should provide proper fall protec