Need to Have Some Dental Work Done? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know

Written by admin on November 29, 2013. Posted in Cosmetic dentistry santa cruz, Dental implants, Dental implants dentures

Dental implants dentures

Whether you need to invest in dental implants dentures or you just want to have your teeth whitened, here are a few interesting facts you should know about the dental industry in the United States.

1. As many as 99.7 percent of American adults feel that their smile is an important social asset. Not only spending money on teeth whitening treatments, but also the overall look and straightness of the teeth. As many as 96 percent of adults also believe a quality smile makes them attractive to the other sex, and they find people with a quality smile more attractive.

2. Dental implants dentures are a permanent alternative to dentures because they are grafted directly to the jaw.

3. Did you know that men and women under the age of 30 accou