Learn about the Intangible Qualities That Make the Best Sales Representatives so Succesfull

Written by admin on October 30, 2013. Posted in Executive search group, Hiring sales people, Sales jobs

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Research shows that of the sales professionals in North America, 40 percent of them will miss their quota, 22 percent are not trainable, and only 10 percent will actually provide a desired ROI. Hiring sales representatives that prove to be solid contribution to your organization is a difficult task. This is due to the difficulty of recognizing the desired skills and criteria that the best sales people possess. With selling, tangible factors such as experience, is not always the most important thing to look at when hiring sales reps. It is the certain intangible qualities and skills such as charisma, adaptability, enthusiasm, confidence, and organization that help to make a salesperson successful.

Above all, confidence is one of the most important qualities for a salesperson to posses. Confidence and sellin