The Rise of Urgent Care

Written by admin on June 28, 2013. Posted in Scottsdale medical center, Std testing scottsdale, Urgent care scottsdale

24 hour urgent care scottsdale

According to the Urgent Care Association of America 24 hour urgent care facilities have a much smaller wait to be seen than emergency rooms and about 80 percent of visits are concluded in 60 minutes or less. Because of this, as well as more convenient hours of operation, urgent care facilities are rapidly becoming more and more popular.

24 hour urgent care facilities are a convenient place to get an STD test. There is rapid STD testing at your local STD testing urgent care practice. There are STD test for both men and women.

Only 29 percent of doctors see any sort of compensation for on call or after hours services. Doctors have been one of the professions that has seen a pay cut in the last few years. They continue to cut funding to medicare, which directly effects the doctors. T