A Look at Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

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How much does teeth whitening cost

A lot of us want to keep our bright, shiny smiles. We consider our smiles a very important social asset, and we look at different dental procedures to help us attain that smile. There are a lot of very interesting dental facts that you may want to consider while you are thinking about cosmetic procedures including teeth whitening home remedies.

Americans spend more than $100 billion dollars on dental care each year in the United States, including those teeth whitening home remedies. An estimated 69% of American adults between the ages of 35 and 44 are missing at least one permanent tooth. Often these people consider cosmetic dental implants as a way to replace those teeth. Cosmetic dentistry implants are the only cosmetic dental procedure that offers a natural appearance of real teeth.


Hi Dr Dave, I Drink Red Wine and Coffee Almost Daily Are My Teeth Doomed?

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Cerec crowns

Dr. Dave,
My name is Flora, I’m a 43 year old woman who is a coffee and wine drinker. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee each morning, and frequently enjoy a glass or two of red wine to wind down before bed. On the weekends, my neighbors and I love to get together for dinner and wine tastings. I am afraid this lifestyle may have a negative impact on the color of my teeth and my tooth enamel. I have noticed that my teeth have become more and more discolored through the years, even though I seek professional dental cleaning twice a year. Should I be worried, and what should I do to whiten my teeth without harming my teeth enamel?

Hi Flora,
Thanks for asking these great questions! Well, as a 43 year old women, you’re certainly not alone with your dental worries. Continue Reading | No Comments