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Are You Looking for a Trustworthy Daycare Center?

Written by admin on May 28, 2013. Posted in Child care in monroe ct, Day care centers in ct

Daycare in monroe ct

Did you know daycare centers made their first appearance in France during 1840? During World War II, the United States Federal Government sponsored daycare for some 400,000 kids. Today, more than 80 percent of children attend preschool by age four, according to new research. If you are looking for daycares in CT, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of the benefits associated with child care in monroe ct is the ability for children to pick up new words. Children around the age of two can pick up five new words every day they spend time at daycares in CT. As you can see, daycare in monroe ct will help children get a jumpstart on their education.

Another benefit associated with daycares in CT is social interaction. New studies show children who attend preschool in monroe ct will obtain better social skills that will help them later in life. Furthermore, children who attend child care in Peekskill NY will perform better in school and college as well. The development of a child is extremely important. The life experiences that a child receives at an early age play a vital role in shaping a person’s social skills and intelligence, as they get older. Children also sleep better if they are active at daycare in Trumbull CT. Studies show some 75 percent of children experience sleep problems under the age of five.

While looking for daycares in CT, it is imperative you take the time to read reviews. Parents share insightful information online about daycares in CT. You can use social media sites and your favorite search engine to find out what parents are saying about a particular daycare center in your area. As mentioned before, helping your child develop social skills will benefit your child later in life. Children who attend preschool receive better grades on average than children who did not attend preschool at a young age.