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How My Volkswagen Dealer Gave Me a Whole Lot More Than I Bargained For

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Vw tires

Are you ready to brush up on your German a little bit?

Did you know that the name Volkswagen roughly translates into “the car of the people?” That is what I learned while visiting a Los Angeles VW dealership the other day. I went there looking for some VW lease specials, because a friend had told me all about how reliable Volkswagen vehicles are. I learned a lot that day from my Volkswagen los angeles dealer.

We got to talking about the German language, and how harsh it sounds to American ears. After a few bad imitations of angry German people, the conversation maneuvered its way into road rage, and I was told that the average driver swears about 32,000 times in one lifetime while operating a

Prevent Wage Garnishment Rather Than Fight It

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Stop wage garnishment

I would say that the worst day of my life was the day I needed to learn how to stop wage garnishment from IRS. I searched the Internet all over, plagued with doubt. I asked myself, “Can I stop a garnishment on my wages?” or “Does a bankruptcy stop wage garnishment?” afraid I would find a simple “no” to each question.

Before it all started, I had no idea that the IRS had the power to demand that a portion of the wages of a debtor could be sent directly to them, until they sent me a notice. According to the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, the government is forbidden (whether it be state or federal) to take the property of an individual without due process of law, which applies to an IRS levy as well.

This gave me the time I needed to learn how to stop wage garnishment from IRS, but learning was n