Lock Out Tag Out Training Can Help Your Business

Written by admin on June 2, 2013. Posted in Confined space entry training, Confined space rescue training, Preventative maintenance program


When workers have to service or maintain the heavy machines and equipment on your shop floor, they can be severely injured or killed if there is not a plan in place to control hazardous energy. This is where lock out tag out training becomes a crucial part of your business’s safety plan. This training can mean the difference between life and death so you must take it seriously

The reason lock out tag out training is important is because it is the process that provides the implementation of special procedures and practices used to not just shut down equipment when being worked on, but isolate it from whatever energy sources it draws power from as well. This will prevent any unwanted release of hazardous energy while the maintenance is being done. The based lock out tag out procedures will help you to make sure that all equipment is dealt with in a safe manner that complies with OSHA standards.

The best lock out tag out training will teach employees to use a special kind of locking mechanism to lock down the device or its power source with the hasp in order to put in a place where no hazardous sources of power can be consequently turned on. All lock out tag out programs conclude this process by putting a tag on the locked device in order to indicate that it should not be activated or turned on. Since this process must be done in compliance with OSHA lockout tagout procedures must be implemented and followed in a certain way. This is why lock out tag out training is crucial. Without proper lock out tag out training you would only be setting your business up for a potential disaster.

In addition to dealing with lockout tagout, confined space training is also important. Confined spaces are typically made up of poorly lit or completely dark spaces which means that potential rescuers need their own light source. With confined space training, you will also learn that initial pieces of equipment deployed into the space need to be used for ventilation purposes. This is because there could be hazardous gases that are lurking within and fresh air will have to be introduced in their place.

By providing training for your employees to deal with lockout tagout as well as confined spaces, your business will be safer. Then, you can operate it more efficiently. If a problem arises, your team will know how to handle things.