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Pack Your Pods Perfectly

Written by admin on August 28, 2013. Posted in Portable storage units, Storage and moving, Storage containers

Long distance mover

Every year, millions of Americans move their households. The grand total for 2010 was 6.7 million, comprised of military movers and civilian movers. That count was an enormous sweep from the 2007-2008 year during which only 34 million people moved, the lowest number since 1959-1960. Though millions upon millions of people move every year, we still have not managed to streamline the process into an exact science. Moving is stressful, no matter which way you slice it. In this article, we’ll provide a few tips for movers that can make the process easier and more efficient.

  1. Think about how you want to do it. Though moving trucks have dominated the market for years, many find that they don’t provide the most efficient service. Instead, consider moving pods, also known as pods storage. Instead of showin

What is Property Management?

Written by admin on August 28, 2013. Posted in Albuquerque property management, Rio rancho property management

Rio rancho property management

Did you know that almost 39 million Americans currently rent apartment in the United States? As such, property management has become increasingly important, both to the renter and the owner of the property. In Rio Rancho property management is as important as it is anywhere across the United States.

A property manager is paid to manage residential or commercial property owned by someone else. For example, if you are looking at homes for rent in Albuquerque New Mexico, chances are you might find a home owned by someone who lives in Texas or Nevada. They might not be able to help you rent that property, but their property manager can.

There are roughly 154,404 property management companies in the United States. If you wanted to find one around the Albuquerque area, you could search online for s