Building your dream home


With winter right around the corner and temperatures plummeting, it might seem like an odd time to be doing work on your home. The reality though is that now is the time of year when next year’s projects are born. Ideas are dreamed of, plans are drafted, budgets are made and materials are collected. All of this is done so that next years renovations can go off without a hitch. If you are considering renovations you may already be involved in this process, or you may be stuck trying to determine which renovations you should do. Basically renovations fall into two categories, updates that add value and those that do not. This is not to say that one category is better than the other, after all if you really love an update go for it. However, each year people undertake renovations that they expect will increase their home’s value, and end up disappointed. It is important to do your research beforehand to avoid this.

When looking at renovations to increase the value of your property, kitchen and bath updates immediately spring to mind. These are some of the most common renovations and are what many people think of in terms of this type of work. This kind of thinking proves true in most cases as well. Other good ideas for value adding renovations is updating or removing old carpeting and finishing a dingy basement. Your best bet however will be to talk with a local contractor who can tell you what kinds of renovations are most popular in your area. For example, adding a deck might be a good idea when looking at national averages, but if you live in a cold climate such an outdoor amenity might not bring much value.

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