Tips To Easily Implement A Drug Free Workplace Program


Drug testing in houston

With more than 21 percent of teenagers abusing drugs in their own residence or in the home of a friend, it is important that employers establish a drug free workplace program so that they can ensure their employees are working productively. With the right type of Dna testing houston businesses have available, you can easily implement a drug free policy in your office. A drug free workplace program helps make offices more productive, as alcohol and drug abuse by employees costs roughly $100 billion a year to companies in the United States based on research by the Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information.

With the right type of drug free workplace policy you can keep your place of work free from any kind of drug use. Providers of drug testing in houston will be able to give you all types of drug tests to help you ensure that your team is not abusing drugs. An estimated $1.4 billion each year is lost to companies in the United States due to reduced productivity as a result of hangover symptoms. With over 30 million Americans using drug regularly, you should get a specialist in lab tests Houston has available that will keep your company working at a high level.

8 percent of employees that work full time at businesses in the United States abuse drugs. Establish a drug free workplace program and your company will benefit. Look for an expert in drug testing to give you the services needed to keep your employees clean.

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