Don’t Water Drought Resistant Grass Too Much


Ground cover

Did you know that the homeowners in America spent about $29.2 billion in 2011 on their home’s lawn and on their gardens. Americans love their yards and look for lawn seed that is easy to grow and easy to maintain. Drought resistant grass seed is one of the better choices if you happen to live in a dry climate. There are different kinds of grass seeds to choose from. Grass seeds, like Pearl’s Premium, which is a fescue grass blend produce more oxygen that carbon. This grass seed blend can be cut at 3″ high too.

A lawn should be aerated every year in the spring time so the soil will have more oxygen, which helps the drought resistant grass seed to grow. Drought resistant grass doesn’t need a lot of water. In fact, if you water your drought resistant grass too often it won’t grow deep roots and so won’t be as healthy as it could be. Be sure you pay attention to recommendations on how much is too much water for drought resistant grass. You don’t have to water drought resistant grass that often. You don’t have to mow it every week either if you cut it at 3 inches. You lawns root system will also be much stronger if you do the appropriate watering and mowing.

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