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3/30/21 Update

Quick updates on the HubShout Service – which was rebranded in 2020 to SEMIFY. The firm remains very committed to customer service. In fact, here are some recent Semify reviews that you can find online easily:

Semify Reviews

The firm continues to use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a benchmarking gauge of customer service. NPS is a nationally recognized measurement that identifies customer loyalty.

Yelp reviews are perhaps the hardest to get, because of their notoriously restrictive algorthm. Many small businesses are very frustrated with Yelp because of this. Yelp themselves, have a very bad Yelp score. LOL.

Semify reviews are, nonetheless, very positive overall. The firm has made this a major priority over the last 4 years and the customers are sharing their stories online.

Many firms prefer GMB listings because their process seems easier to work with. Semify also has very strong ratings from GMB.

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They have released new Customer Service Review data that I think you will find interesting. Specifically, they have revamped their entire approach to how they service agencies. There are several new facets to their approach.

Deeper screening for new resellers: The application process is now much more in-depth. Specifically, they used to allow anyone to enter the program. Not any more. Now the rejection rate of application is as high as 50%. If you pass the first hurdle, you get onto a discovery call. Here you may meet one of the founders (a nice plus) as they explore the fit between your agency and their business.

Customer service and account management enhancements: It is clear that the approach to Account Management at HubShout has changed. They are now putting a big emphasis on responsiveness and customer satisfaction. They have released new numbers showing how their Account Management team has been reviewed by their customers. See the recent trends below:

These new scores show that the re-trained HubShout team has found a way to delight agency customers. Specifically, they have been hitting customer rating scores over 4 / 5 consistently for 6 months. This is a major milestone for the firm.

The HubShout technology was always strong, but it appears that they are getting ready to improve it further. Specifically, there are a number of agency roundtable collaboration sessions coming up in September, 2017 to redesign aspects of the dashboard based on reseller input and customer reviews. If their strong success with customer service is any indication – they will also have strong results with their technology enhancements as well.

We think any company that can hear difficult customer reviews and face into that feedback with courage is the type of company you want to work with. If you have been looking for a solid outsourcing team with real values, and strong results, this might be work another look.

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Hubshout is probably the best SEO company in the world. Hubshout SEO products and solutions are widely available to all clients and will come with reliable Hubshout reviews as to why it is best to use Hubshout SEO providers as your preferred SEO reseller of choice in helping you create content that will help get your website and business seen on the web by the types of people you would hope would be interested in what you particularly had to offer. This is the Hubshout SEO promise, and this is the commitment of the Hubshout SEO reseller marketplace is looking to convey about Hubshout SEO.

Given that SEO, and Hubshout SEO especialy is so new, many depend of their reputation online as being very telling of the company. Hubshout reviews are polite, discretionary, and always seen as reliable of their facts. Many happy customers have posted Hubshout reviews. This is so because Hubshout SEO is not something that the representatives take lightly. Hubshout SEO representatives hold themselves to the highest of Hubshout standards. Hubshout SEO is meant to be customer focused, therefore the creation of them will take time, but many are confident that it is worth the wait.

It goes to show that quality SEO seekers do want someone like Hubshout SEO to help promote their businesses and get them seen by the right people in order to garner the right quality leads. A good SEO reseller like Hubshout SEO knows that he or she is only as valuable as the customers and financial gains that a client would sustain. It is to their benefit that they consider Hubshout SEO. The company is expanding and will always maintain the Hubshout promises they have been making since early on! With Hubshout SEO professionals putting in long hours and aiming for high quality work, we see that ultimately they are deadline focused and able to distinguish Hubshout SEO from any other SEO reseller program that is out there! There is no reason to explore any other SEO options. Hubshout has it taken care of, and now it is just a matter of a few days after the initial handover of what is needed from Hubshout, the team of writers gets started to create solid content.

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