Patch Management Software


Desktop management

The growing popularity of mobile devices can be expressed with the number of media tablets that are being sold, with around 19.5 million units sold in 2010 alone. One of the most secure smart phones available on the market is the BlackBerry, which has a strong encryption system that involves more than just a user’s PIN. As mobile devices grow in popularity, the importance of patch management software reaches new heights. Patch management software is used for personal and business reasons. For instance, IT departments use iphone management systems to endure iphone security is maintained on all iPhones on a network.

Simply put, patch management software allows IT departments to perform updates and security patches on hundreds of mobile devices on the network from a single remote location. BYOD policies are becoming more popular, and some of these policies can be based on the cloud. It’s important to choose the right mobile device management system in order to take advantage of the features this type of software provides. Businesses that operate on a BYOD policy can take advantage of the DMI, also known as the Desktop management Interface. The DMI is used for managing hardware and software to produce the best security policies possible.

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