What You Need to Know About Being an SEO Reseller


If your desire is to outsource SEO, first stop and take a quick assessment of how SEO outsourcing would change your enterprise. If it sounds like nothing much would change once you became an SEO reseller, then feel free to look carefully into an SEO reseller program that is available through a private label SEO firm, also referred to by many as a white label SEO firm. But if you happen to be unsure how being an SEO reseller would change your business at all, consider the following.

First, know that as an SEO reseller you really do not have to change anything about how you run things at work. You simply are now offering SEO, and that is it. You used to not offer it, and now you do. That is the real change. You are an SEO reseller, not an actual provider, and therefore there is no necessity for hiring someone new who knows SEO or for adding a new division onto your company to specifically handle SEO. Anyone selling anything else your enterprise offers could resell SEO too.

Second, understand that once you become an SEO reseller your financial situation does not change very much either. Well, it could change more in your favor, when clients choose to utilize the SEO services you are reselling. But your costs for reselling are pretty slim, and so there is not a need for restructuring or retooling your budget to fit SEO in. You pay a little to get a lot from it.

Third, realize that by becoming an SEO reseller you need no training or education on the subject. You know enough about SEO to know how to sell it. And if you have reservations about how to resell it, a worthy SEO provider could give you tips or offer useful advice to get you started. But there really is no time away from the office learning SEO and fully understanding it. Since you are not the one providing the service, you need to know very little about it.

Fourth, know that your role as an SEO reseller is to improve your clients’ success. This does not require significant or even minimal restructuring of your business, but it will require you to adopt SEO as a tool for marketing that you know works. Provided your enterprise is strong enough to resell something that it does not offer, you will succeed.

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