Discover Savings On Foley Catheter Supplies


Foley catheter

Catheters often utilize silicone, as it is an inert material that will not respond to bodily fluids passing along a catheter. Catheters may also contain latex, which is why patients with latex sensitivity should request latex free catheters. Urine drainage is a popular reason for catheterization, though artificial insemination and other uses apply. American military veterans experienced about 3.4 million disabilities during 2008; for example, those suffering from spinal cord injuries may require the use of catheters.

A catheter associated urinary tract infection is a risk that is easily managed. Purchasing Foley catheter supplies, Medicare catheter supplies or self catheter supplies from an approved catheter vendor is the best choice. Approved catheter vendors make sure that urinary tract infection from catheter use is minimized. If you are worried about urinary tract infection catheter use should first be cleared by a medical professional. This should ensure your understanding of how to use a catheter at home.

Urologists agree that making sure Foley catheter supplies come from reliable suppliers is essential to the successful use of a catheter. You may even want to order Foley catheter supplies through the medical professional that recommends the use of a catheter. This can help you save a lot on the cost of any catheters you must use in order to address post spinal trauma injury risks. Online research can help you find excellent prices on Foley catheter supplies and instructional guides on the safe use of a catheter.

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