Stop the Bleeding, Control the Toruqe with High Grade Industrial Equipment


Hydraulic tensioner

torque bleeding often results because of improper torque requirements when fastening bolts in place. One of the better alternatives are hydraulic bolt tensioners. Hydraulic bolt tensioners are used for a variety of bolt and stud tensioning on projects like turbines, steam turbines, pipeline flanges, valves and pumps, and many other heavy machinery applications. High tensile bolt connectors are used on tower crane joints around the mast, jib, and slew ring bearings as well. If you are looking for a specific type of hydraulic bolt tensioner, start by searching for the proper equipment that will meet your needs.

Used across different industries like oil and gas, offshore mining, power generation and heavy equipment, hydraulic nuts incorporate their own internal jack. In most situations, hydraulic bolt tensioners are used to tighten and install bolts industrial bolts in tight, cramped, and hard to reach areas which makes removal of these industrial bolts quite difficult. There are many high quality manufacturers who make quality products like industrial grade hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic pumps, and hydraulic torque wrenches to assist with whatever project comes up. For more information see this.

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