Why Talking Shop With Your Rental Trailer Professional Can Help You


Rental trailer

If a rental trailer is a real need for you, you are in luck because manufacturers of traditional and reefer trailers have made considerable advancements, collaborating to develop trailers that are stronger, lighter and more durable. They have improved these trailers parts and functionality mostly to compensate for the lower hauler weight allowed today. They also have done it to improve functionality with every type of regular or refrigerated trailer today. So any rental trailer that was made in recent years will be dependable.

But before you pick out a rental trailer, understand a few things about the industry. It will give you more of an advantage when talking through your rental trailer with the salesperson talking with you about good refrigerated trailers for sale or rent. First, a little history on the industry helps. Before 1966, trailers were using Freon, a less environmentally friendly option to today’s R134a, which is very good on the environment. Freon was banned from use during the Montreal Protocol of 1987 because it produces chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, which are widely known as being harmful to the environment. Prior to that, back in 1929, Baird became one of the first companies to introduce refrigerated haulers that were operated mechanically.

Why is knowing all of this stuff important when you simply want to rent a trailer? Because your trailer leasing professional may want to talk shop with you. And the better the conversation about trailer rentals and their history, the higher chances of a satisfactory deal.

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