Long Lasting, Low Maintenance Cooling Towers


Air strippers

If you operate a business that produces a lot of waste heat, we are an innovative cooling tower company that can provide you with simple, high functioning cooling and VOC removal systems to prevent waste heat and contaminants from harming the environment around your business. Our simple designs deliver the functionality you need to protect the environment and avoid liability at affordable prices.

We manufacture seamless polyethylene cooling towers and air treatment cooling tower systems because the seamless build and plastic exterior avoid corrosion and thereby have a much longer life than their metal counterparts and require dramatically less maintenance over that life time. This all by itself will save you money when you are installing a cooling and air filtration system. Our single unit models range from 10 to 500 tons of cooling capacity and our multi unit systems can provide up to 2,000 tons of cooling capacity, making our cooling towers ideal for many industrial applications and business sizes.

We offer several different types of air cooling and air stripper systems, making our systems still more ideal for a variety of applications. Our packed column air strippers fit small to large cooling towers, remove a wide variety of hazardous industrial byproducts from the air, and are simpler in design than our competitors’. You will not find a cooling tower manufacturer that does more to save you money in maintenance, energy, and liability over the long life of our products.

We invite you to further explore our line of products and to see what would work best for your business. Given our range of equipment, we are confident we have something for you and we are confident that any cooling tower systems you buy from us will handle your needs and last long. We believe you will be fully satisfied with our products and our ability to save you money.

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