You Need Life Insurance


Seattle life insurance

Boise life insurance, Idaho life insurance, Seattle life insurance, Utah life insurance, Oregon life insurance… Is there much of a difference between any of them? I keep hearing about all these different insurance plans in different areas. But I have no idea why I am hearing about them. I live in Portland, Oregon. Therefore I am concerned with Portland life insurance.

I am not looking for anything crazy. I just need a Portland life insurance plan to cover a few things so if something unforeseen happens to me, my grieving family does not need to be my broke grieving family. I just need my Portland life insurance policy to cover the casket, burial services, and my bills for a few months until they sell my home.

Of course, if I can swing it, I would not mind a Portland life insurance plan with a little more girth that would pay off my home so the family could have an investment property, and maybe then they could do their grieving on a foreign beach someplace sipping martinis. But that is a lofty goal, I know. It would make my passing a little easier on them I am sure.

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