Read This Before You Choose Your Merchant Processing Provider


Merchant accounts

When a business uses credit cart processing online, it can help to free up the time that a small business needs by taking care of security and paperwork issues. Having merchant processing services in place can also allow companies to do more business with a broader range of customers and other companies. B2b credit card processing providers make use of online payments, through which customers can be billed through their email. This allows for better record keeping, more efficient transactions, and more secure experiences for both parties. Your merchant processing services need to be able to offer the right selection of secure tools to make all of this possible, but the result will be positive for both your company and for any consumers with which you do business.

42 percent of people who make purchases from their mobile device fall within the 25 to 44 demographic. Merchant accounts are a necessary part of capturing this prime demographic of online shoppers, particularly as they also refer businesses to one another through personal contact or social media. Payment processing companies which are seen as secure and reliable tend to get more business from consumers, and handle processing credit cards with a level of security and reliability that consumers now demand. Thanks to merchant processing nearly $1.25 billion was spent on Cyber Monday in 2011, which is 12 percent of all online sales in the month of November. On days like this, processing services need to also be able to handle the incredible strain that high traffic and transactions can put on servers. If your merchant processing provider is up to the challenge, it can mean taking on more sales, more clients, and more transactions than ever before.

Level 3 processing is also important for merchant processing providers. Credit card processing has three different levels, and Level 3 provides the most detail about transactions, including item descriptions, quantities, discount identifiers, ship from postal codes, and much more. Internet merchant accounts need to be just as secure, if not even more secure, than offline merchant accounts, because accountability and record keeping are vital. Encryption is also a must with merchant processing through online sources. If you currently have an online merchant account and are not satisfied with the results thus far, there are many great options available online that may be the right solution for your online sales, transactions, and record keeping.
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