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Spinal Stenosis Treatment Gets a Thumbs Up from Patients

Written by admin on May 31, 2013. Posted in Bulging disc surgery, Lumbar stenosis, Scoliosis surgery

Cervical fusion

It used to be that cervical stenosis or bulging disc surgery was a complicated procedure if not downright time consuming. Certainly at a minimum cervical spine surgery involved several nights in the hospital and more down time at home lying down. Fortunately, modern medical technology and the evolution of minimally invasive spine surgery has made spinal stenosis treatment much more user friendly than it ever was in the past.

Good News in the South

South Florida is not too much different than the rest of the United States. but the large population of retirees who head south for fun in the sun also bring with them a variety of aches and pains and a herniated disc in neck or back is high on the list.

In South Florida and elsewhere in the US, minimally invasive corrective spine and neck surgery which allows for spinal stenosis treatment can be performed with a minimum of inconvenience on the part of the patient. Certainly no two cases are ever alike, but the advances in spinal stenosis treatment are helping hundreds of men and women get a renewed grip on their lives.

Non Surgical vs Surgical

Non surgical treatment for a herniated disk can range from acupuncture to a visit to a chiropractor. Alternative therapy can help but most medical professionals agree that it only prolongs the inevitable which ultimately will be surgery. If that’s the case why not do the smart thing and get the spinal stenosis treatment you need from a certified professional.

Remember, minimally invasive corrective spine and neck surgery and spinal stenosis treatment may be the route to consider if you are experiencing long term pain in your neck and back.

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Protect Your Small Business Network Security Platform

Written by admin on May 31, 2013. Posted in Enterprise firewall reviews, Mobile security, Next generation enterprise network

Firewall companies

If you do not have a really excellent network security platform, you may want to consider the following. During the fiscal year 2011, the United States government spent $13 billion on protecting information technology and the network security platform, and in that same year there were nearly 45,000 incidents in this country having to do with data loss, data theft, hacking, and privacy breaches. For example, during the fall of 2011, one international hacker broke into a network security platform and was able to get a hold of highly sensitive computer files at the South Carolina Department of Revenue. He thus gained access to an estimated 3.6 million American tax returns!

In July of 2008, a frustrated San Francisco city administrator blocked access to a critical network security platform by changing passwords to its switches and routers. When caught, he would not share them with officials. This created a real mess. A 2011 study concluded that the cost of this type of security breach of a network security platform and the cost per lost or stolen record has decreased recently. However, that does not mean that companies should slack off on protecting themselves or their network security platform.

Your business should have an enterprise firewall, an intrusion detection system, an intrusion prevention system, and a next gen network security system to defend yourself against criminal activity. A next generation network can help you keep your information safe so that you and your important proprietary information are not compromised.