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Learn About This Thriving Real Estate Company

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Commercial real estate

American Real Estate Partners is a completely integrated investment company that deals in private real estate. At the head of this commercial giant is Douglas Fleit. With over 35 years of experience in the world of commercial real estate under his belt, Douglas e. fleit has a unique perspective on the business, as does the rest of his team. Each of the principals of American Real Estate Partners started their careers in commercial leasing and office building development.

Commercial property can include a lot of things. Medical centers, office buildings, malls, hotel

Why Security is Important for Online Websites

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B2b credit card processing

Did you know that electronic payments first surpassed the use of paper checks for the purpose of paying bills back in 2007? Since then, the popularity of paying for various services, loans and products from a computer has only increased. An important part of selling anything online is having secure processing.

There are three different levels to the credit card processing system. Level 3 is the most detailed option, giving the most information about the transaction including item discount identifier, item description, postal code shipping, et cetera. This is the preferred option for B2B payments. According to Test2, using Level 3 for