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Commercial real estate

American Real Estate Partners is a completely integrated investment company that deals in private real estate. At the head of this commercial giant is Douglas Fleit. With over 35 years of experience in the world of commercial real estate under his belt, Douglas e. fleit has a unique perspective on the business, as does the rest of his team. Each of the principals of American Real Estate Partners started their careers in commercial leasing and office building development.

Commercial property can include a lot of things. Medical centers, office buildings, malls, hotels, industrial property, farm land, retail stores, warehouses, garages and multifamily housing buildings can each fall under this category. Those that are looking to invest in one or more of these kinds of property will want to make sure that they have the expertise of people like Douglas fleit at their side.

Douglas Fleit and the rest of the chief executives at American Real Estate Partners can explain to their clients each of the basic elements of an investment. These elements are cash inflows, outflows, the timing of those cash flows and any risk. The ability to analyze these elements is a key part in providing services to those wishing to invest in commercial real estate.

Douglas E Fleit and the rest of the team at American Real Estate Partners maintain a singular focus on optimizing both the quantity and quality of the leasing income throughout their extensive portfolio. Those that are looking to make an investment in commercial real estate should always make sure that they work with the best company possible. Taking a look at the services a firm like American Real Estate Partners could provide could be well worth it to those that want to make the smartest decision possible.

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