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Ash tree treatment

We all love have beautiful yards and gardens. That is one reason we employ landscaping in Liberyville services. In our area, we also have landscaping in lake bluff. We rely on these professionals to maintain our yards and gardens so that we can thoroughly enjoy them.

One issue that has presented itself that impacts landscaping in Liberyville is ash borer control and ash borer treatment. Ash borer problems are a recent problem in the area. Unfortunately, emerald ash borer control as part of landscaping in liberyville services is important because our area is one of the main ones in the United States where this infestation is found. Beetles infest trees destroying the life sustaining tissues beneath the bark, essentially killing the tree. Your landscaping in Liberyville will slowly be destroyed as you see canopy die back on your trees. Without proper treatment, affected trees can die in as few as two years.

As part of landscaping in Liberyville services, the company you hire should be aware of the symptoms and signs of this infestation. The company should also be knowledge about the best treatments that can help save your trees. This treatment combined with the regular landscaping services can keep your lawns and gardens looking beautiful and pristine.

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