The Importance of Child Care Centers and What They Can Offer Your Child


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Choosing a daycare can have more of an impact on your child than you might think, even if finding a daycare center may prove to be simple. There are many child care facilities, and they are becoming more and more popular. But here are some thing to think about when deciding what your children will be exposed to at the early stages of their lives.

1. In the first few years of their life, a human is more capable of absorbing information than they ever will be at any other time in their life.

2. The Societe des Creches was recognized by the government in France in 1869, and it is known in English as a Day Care Center. Interestingly, the concept of day care started to appear almost 30 years earlier in France in 1840.

3. Children who go to preschool have been shown in studies to be 24 percent more likely to go to a 4 year college.

4. At two years old a human is more active than they will ever be at any other stage in their life.

5. By 3 years old a toddler has developed something like 1,000 trillion neural connections between the cells in their brain. That’s nearly twice as many as an average adult.

There are many options to consider when choosing a daycare. For example, is it a long day care, do they accept early child care, is it only summer child care or do they offer services year round … The list goes on. But the most important thing to consider is what your child will be exposed to at a private child care center, and how it will affect them later in life. Learn more. For more information, read this website.

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