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Do Not Become a Divorce Statistic Seek Out a Marriage Counselor Now

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Relationship coach

Until death do us part has become a commonly broken promise in America today. We say these words with the best of intentions, but for a large group of people it is until divorce do we part. This country experiences a divorce every 13 seconds. When you do the math that calculates to 6,646 divorces per day, or 46,523 per week. The highest divorce rate right now occurs in Oklahoma, with 32 percent of marriages ending in divorce.

Taking these shocking numbers into account, you may be wondering how your can avoid becoming a statistic. More and more time and research is going into couples marriage counseling. Learning how to properly communicate with your spouse, make compromises, and overcome large obstacles together can make a huge difference. Couples who get married after the age of 25 are about 24 per

How to Find Cheap Broadway Tickets

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Cheap broadway show tickets

If you want to experience Broadway, Off Broadway, or Off Off Broadway, you may be able to find tickets for shows you have always wanted to see. Broadway, when it first began, was actually called the Wiechquaekeck Trail and was an Algonquin trade route. Today, however, Broadway has four theaters situated on it. These are The Marquis, The Palace, The Winter Garden, and The Broadway. Many people look to purchase cheap Broadway tickets in NYC, as nearly 11.5 million theater goers attend Broadway plays every year. In order to experience what so many other people do, tickets to Broadway shows are available for those who are interested.

In 2012 alone, over 12 million people attended a Bro