Picking Up the Canadian Health Care Slack


Group benefits

The Canadian economy is predominantly comprised of small businesses. In fact, 98 percent of all companies in Canada are small businesses with only 2 to 100 employees. When you own a small business, health benefits can sometimes be difficult to afford and manage. This is why there are companies who specialize in just that.

With an array of benefit plans to choose from which span a gambit of different costs, you can find an employee benefits plan which is the right fit for your company. These customized plans are known as design benefit plans, and they have helped thousands of employers who have struggled to get a decent health plan together for their workers.

Since Canada has universal health care, the quality of it tends to suffer. This is why 60 percent of Canadian employers claim that they worry about their health plans quality. It is not always guaranteed that benefits will be as wide reaching as they should be. Fifty percent of Canadian businesses have a concern about the level of coverage their employees will receive.

With design benefits plans, you are in control. You design your benefits plan, so you can ensure that your individualized plan will cover anything you deem fit, and which will fit into your budget.

Decent benefits plans empower business owners. Since the healthcare system of Canada is publicly funded, most services wind up provided by the private sector. Design benefit plans that fit the needs of you and your employees to make sure that you are not financially taken advantage of by private insurers.

There are no deductibles on basic health care and Canada, and co pays are either extremely low or nonexistent. This does not always cut it, though. Too often are procedures and medications denied in Canada. This is why so many employers feel they must make excellent benefits plans…so they can pick up the slack of the public health care system. See more: www.cehbp.com

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  1. YEah, me too. I think that, especially in America, people think of Canada as some sort medical haven.

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