The Chemicals in Methamphetamine Are Dangerous


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Most of us have heard from news sources about the increase in methamphetamine use throughout our country. But how many of us actually know about meth and how it is made or about the chemicals in methamphetamine. Unlike cocaine that is made from plant material, methamphetamine is made from synthetic chemicals. It is usually made in hidden laboratories. The chemicals in methamphetamine include different types of amphetamine that is then mixed with other chemicals to boost the potency of that amphetamine.

The pill form of common cold remedies is often one of the chemicals in methamphetamine. One popular drug used as this base is ephedrine tablets. This is one of the main reasons why these once readily available pills are now kept behind the counter at pharmacies with a limited number of packages allowed to be sold to an individual. These are usually the base chemicals of the concoction. One of the reasons ephedrine is used as one of the main chemicals in methamphetamine is that it cause the release of dopamine in the brain. This dopamine provides the feeling of elation. These pills are cooked to extract the ingredients. To increase the strength, other chemicals in methamphetamine are added including lantern fuel, drain cleaner, battery acid, and antifreeze. It is obvious from this list of chemicals in methamphetamine that it is a highly toxic and dangerous combination.

These chemicals in methamphetamine are explosive and become very dangerous during the cooking process. Many cases of these chemicals in methamphetamine exploding or otherwise injuring those making the meth have been reported. Additionally, the residue from the cooking process can leave the building contaminated. These contaminated meth lab homes can often require chemical clean up or crime scene clean up services.

The chemicals in methamphetamine and these meth cooking sites also produce a good deal of toxic waste. People who are exposed to the chemicals in methamphetamine waste products can easily become sick or poisoned.

As you can see, the chemicals in methamphetamine by themselves are rather innocuous. It is only when they are combined and cooked that they become a very dangerous and potentially deadly drug.
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