What Is Mobile Device Management


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Mobile device management is software that secures, monitors and manages and supports mobile devices deployed across mobile operators, service providers and its enterprises. Mobile device management functions include over the air distribution of applications, and data and configuration settings for all different types of cellular devices. Devices that are included with mobile device management are smartphones such as iphones, standard mobile phones, tablets, mobile printers and mobile POS systems. Software as a service can be utilized for management device management as well as on the premise models.

By protecting and controlling the data and settings on all mobile devices in that network, mobile device management can decrease costs and business risks. The purpose of mobile device management is to optimize the functionality and security of communications network while minimizing downtime and costs. Over 65 million Americans own a smart phone such as an iphone. Apple has a free tool that is called Configurator that allows its users to configure up to 30 apple devices all at once! Iphone security and iphone management are very important for businesses to look into.

The bring your own device or BYOD is the policy of permitting your employees to bring personally owned cellular devices to their place of employment and then use those devices to access privileged company information and applications. The BYOD model in classroom computing has become quite popular recently, and it benefits both students and the school districts. In the Byod model, desktop management interface is an industry framework that manages both software components and hardware in the BYOD business model.

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