Three Great Eateries in Rochester!


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Rochester has some of the best eats around, and that’s no exaggeration! The Travel Channel’s Man V. Food even dedicated an episode to the local restaurants. The real question, though, is where should you take your appetite to? Here are three great places to get some food in Rochester that you might not have considered before!

Sticky Lips

After 11 months of renovation, they reopened on April 22, 2004 with a marquee that read “I just spent my life savings, please eat my food.” Howard Neilsen remembers that night, saying “People must have felt sorry for me. We had a line out the door and it hasn’t stopped since.”

Sticky Lips offers some of the best barbecue around. With every thing from slow cooked chicken, to hand pulled pork, their exquisite sauces are absolutely to die for. Plus, they have the best deep fried pickles you could ever hope to find from Rochester food.


Dogtown’s aim is to reproduce some regional versions of the country’s favorite hot dogs. For example, their German Shepard dog has onions and sauerkraut, which represents New York City’s style of hot dog while the St. Bernard, which has swiss and sauerkraut represents Kansas City. Their dogs come in custom baked rolls from Martusciello’s deli, and their dogs are the Rochester favorite, Zweigle’s. Dogtown has some of the best and cheapest eats in all of Rochester, and is a staple of Monroe Ave.

Le Petit Poutine

Did you know that there were Rochester food trucks? If not, then you’ve been missing out on Le Petit Poutine, which has the best poutine in the whole city. Poutine is a Canadian dish of french fries served with gravy and cheese curds, and is delicious. Located on North Union Street, you can find out why Le Petit Poutine has such a high rating on Yelp! for yourself!

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