Behind the Wheel Training and Driving Instruction Available at Orange County, CA Driving Schools for Those Preparing to Acquire a Drivers License


Driving school

Driving is one such activity of daily life that many people consider a necessity or a right. The reality, though, is that driving is not a right, but a privilege. And though it is very commonplace in everyday life and most people do drive, it is still an ultimate luxury. With driving comes a great deal of responsibility. There are so many factors to consider, such as the safety of the driver themselves, the safety of their passengers, and the safety of everyone else on the road. Learning the ins and outs of driving and how to be a safe driver comes mostly from experience. To gain experience and knowledge prior to earning a drivers license, individuals in California can can receive driving instructions and behind the wheel training at Orange County driving schools.

Unsafe driving on some level is quite common in the United States. Each minute, there are approximately 65 traffic tickets issues in the United States. When drivers encounter other drivers being careless or unsafe, it is quite aggravating, which may be why the average driver swears roughly 32,000 times in their lifetime while operating a motor vehicle.

Beginning at the age of 16, a teenage driver can obtain a provisional license in the state of California. Drivers ed courses are highly advised during this time though, as statistics have shown that 36 percent of teen deaths are caused by automobile accidents. Behind the wheel training at driving schools can potentially help prevent this. The cars used for behind the wheel training are fitted with dual controls, allowing the instructor to also operate the brakes and other parts of the vehicle. Before setting out on the road for the first time, individuals in Orange County, California can gain experience through behind the wheel training courses offered at the local driving schools.

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