What Can Stairway Lift Chairs Do for Your Home Mobility Needs?


Chair lifts for stairs

After the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 was passed into law, ramps started popping up in public places. Wherever there was a staircase at the entryway of a building, there was now a ramp right alongside it in order to better accommodate though in wheelchairs, scooter, strollers or other wheeled objects. Progress had been made.

Unfortunately, it was not that simple when it came to in-home accessibility. Regular homes may have had ramps out front, but the elevation change between levels inside was far too great to tackle with that same technology. This is how the modern innovation of stairway lift chairs came about.

These chair lifts are basic mechanical machines that allow those with limited mobility to easily ascend and descend the staircases in their home with the simple push of a button. A home chair lift is the ideal choice for folks who are growing older or are experiencing a any type of limited mobility, but who want to stay in their own homes. These stairway lift chairs allow them to do exactly that.

Most in-home stairway lift chairs are powered through rechargeable batteries and use direct current. That means it literally is as easy as positioning yourself in the chair and signaling that you wish to go upstairs. The motorized stairway lift chairs will do the rest.

In addition to being easy to use, most modern vertical lifts come with adjustable seats, call stations, key switches, a folding step and seat belts for maximum safety. This a far cry from the humble beginnings of stairway lift chairs, which date all the way back to the 1930s. The Inclinator Company of America sold these first models mainly for victims stricken with polio, though they found a wide variety of uses with those with limited mobility, too, just as they do today.

While they are a great investment for your home, plenty of restaurants and other public places have taken to featuring stairway lift chairs as well. Today, limited mobility is simply a given. Folks in wheelchairs or scooters no longer have to be left behind while the rest of the world uses its legs to get from place to place. This is the beauty of stairway lift chairs. More: www.accesssolutionsonline.com

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