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OK, you have finally decided to create or update your website. This is a very important step to driving more business to your company. However, there are several things you should keep in mind when creating this websites.

You may be considering this project as a do it yourself project. Or perhaps you think there is someone on staff that can help. Good web design is not something that can be done overnight by amateurs. Or at least a successful website cannot be done this way. Good web design depends on several factors.

Sure, you have seen all those sites that provide templates. However, you probably want good web design that stands out from the crowd. Do you really want your website to look just like the competitor down the street. This is why getting good web design is important.

Many people think that just because they purchased the latest and greatest photo editing software packages used by professionals, that is all that is necessary for good web design. Professionals have many years of experience using these programs, and in addition, they have a keen eye for good web design.

Do you know how to optimize a site for mobile devices as part of Internet marketing? You may actually think that is not important, but these statistics should change your mind. The average American spends about 2.7 hours a day socializing on a mobile device. That is twice the amount of time spent eating. About 86 percent of mobile users watch television while also using their devices. So, obviously people are attached to their mobile devices. If you do not have good web design that allows people to navigate your site on their mobile devices, you are potentially losing visits.

Oh and what about SEO and social platforms. These need to be integrated into any good web design for great website success. For instance, Forrester indicates that following direct site visits, organic search and paid search account for 39 percent of new customer transactions. That means that search is an important function of good web design.

Knowing how social media functions along with good web design is also important. More and more people are turning to social media. Statistics show that content posted on Facebook during Eastern Standard Time primetime usually receive more likes and shares than at other times of day.

Do not frustrate yourself by trying to create good web design. Call the professionals at a small business web design company or Internet marketing firms, let them handle the details, and enjoy the increase in business that is a result of good web design and digital marketing.
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