Different Green Flooring Options


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Hardwood flooring installers and other floor professionals can help you to find flooring that is both esthetically pleasing and good for the environment. When you are redoing your decor or otherwise updating and remodeling your home, you will have a lot of different style and materials options available to you. Working with a professional can help you to find which materials work best for your design vision and budget.

Hardwood floor installations can take a variety of forms. If you are interested in a hardwood floor, find bamboo flooring information to learn about an eco friendly flooring option. Some important bamboo flooring information includes its ease of production. Rather than contributing to deforestation with a new hardwood floor, bamboo is easy to produce commercially for wood products. Other eco friendly options include reclaimed wood flooring and wool flooring. If you have an existing hardwood floor, simply sanding and refinishing it can restore it to its original grandeur and improve its and your home’s values.

In addition to reviewing bamboo flooring information, carpeting can also be done in several ways. Woven, needlefelted, tufted, flatweave, and knotted carpets are all different ways of enjoying carpeting, but with a novel style. Carpet is usually made in widths of 12 and 15 feet in the US, with it cut to fit a room or space. If you have a high impact or messy space, like a kitchen, linoleum is also an option. “Linoleum” is a word that comes from the Latin names for its main components, linum (“flax”) and oleum (“oil”). It is a more modern, technological solution to the problems of high traffic and messy spaces that does not require the cutting of fresh trees, like a new hardwood floor. In addition to bamboo flooring information, find information on these other solutions or consult a professional before choosing a material. Great references here: www.classicfloordesigns.info

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