How to Help Your Teenager If You Suspect Their Suffering from Eating Disorders and Drug Abuse


Drug addiction counseling

It’s an unfortunate reality, but drug abuse and eating disorders among teenagers is at an all time high. Recent research estimates that over 36 percent of American high school seniors have used marijuana, and that’s only for marijuana. Teen drug abuse extends into other, more hazardous drugs, too. In addition to drug addiction, more than 50% of U.S. teen girls report fasting, using laxatives, dieting, smoking cigarettes, or voluntarily vomiting to control their weight. All of these behaviors among teens are extremely dangerous, not only to their health, but to their future success. If you think your children are struggling with drug addiction, It’s important to understand the information on drug addiction, and how to notice the symptoms of drug addiction.

Most drug addictions start with casual or social use of a drug. For some teens, using the drug becomes a habit, and habit becomes more and more frequent. As time passes, teens may larger doses of the drug to get high. This lead to a downward spiral among teens, needing the drug just to get by each day. Common symptoms among teenagers who are struggling with drug addiction includes: problems at school, significant changes in behavior, neglected appearance, physical health complications, and sudden requests for money without a reasonable explanation. If you suspect your teen of being addicted to drugs, you may want to consider placing them in a drug rehab program to help them quit, and get their life back to normal.

According information on drug addiction from the CDC, underage drinking can increase the instance of drug abuse. Although many parents may believe that underage experimenting with alcohol is a common part of teenagers growing up, if you think you teens are drinking often, it’s a good idea to help them understand the information on drug addiction and how drinking can lead to abusing other, more harmful drugs.

Eating disorders are another common occurrence among teenagers that can lead to serious health complications. Anorexia is considered to be the mental illness with the highest mortality rate in the United States. An estimated 10 percent of those diagnosed with Anorexia die within 10 years of being diagnosed with the disorder. Contrary to popular belief, males suffer from eating disorders, too. An estimated 10-15% of people who suffer from eating disorders in the U.S. are males. There also many teen treatment centers and programs to help those who struggle with eating disorders become more comfortable with their body, and learn how to beat the disorder.

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