Looking to Purchase a Home in South Florida? Find out How to Chose the Right Real Estate Broker



Global interest in the South Florida real estate markets has recently provided much hype in the real estate industry. Once a struggling market for real estate, the cities of South Florida, such as Miami, have experienced a boom in real estate sales, and an increase in value, too. In fact, 93% of the Miami condominiums built in the last year have sold, with the median prices of condos appreciating by nearly 33% in just one year. The city of Fort Lauderdale, located just north of Miami, has seen a recent spike in real estate sales and value, too.

Incorporated in 1911, Fort Lauderdale was once a city inhabited by the Tequesta Indians for thousands of years. Today, located adjacently to the Atlantic Ocean, and featuring 7 miles of beaches, Fort Lauderdale attracts approximately 10.5 million visitors per year, fueling a booming economy that is heavily reliant on tourism. Although tourism traffic is heavy in Fort Lauderdale, the beautiful landscape and water front properties provide an intriguing setting for individuals to permanently reside.

Much of the real estate in Fort Lauderdale is luxurious waterfront property, and highly desired by potential buyers, so purchasing such property in this city is going to require the best broker real estate team to assist in the process. Locating and hiring the right broker real estate agent can be a difficult task – with so many real estate agents available to chose from, you want to make sure you accurately assess each option, in order to make the proper decision. To start your realtor search, first start by asking their previous clients or searching online for reviews of that realtor, and of the agency they represent. Ask questions like “how long have they been in business” and “did you enjoy your experience with this realtor?” Figuring out which realtors have the most experience, and provide the best customer service to their clients is crucial to figuring out which real estate brokers are fit for the job.

Another way to ensure you’re hiring a good broker real estate agent is to look up their licensing. Each U.S. state will have boards responsible for licensing and disciplining real estate agents in that state. Check with the Florida state regulatory body to find out if the realtor is licensed and if any disciplinary actions or complaints have occurred in the past. Finally, chose a real estate agent who’s realtor fees fit your budget. It’s all about finding the right home at the right price, so hiring an experienced and professional realtor, who’s fees aren’t out of your price range, is the first step to getting a great deal on a home.

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