O Say Can You See The American Flag Flying Out Front?


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As patriotic Americans, many of us like to put up US flags to celebrate the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. Oftentimes, we have flag poles in our yard for just these occasions. Many of us purchase plastic outdoor flags or flutter flags with wooden staffs that can be stuck inn the ground of the above mentioned holidays. Have you ever considered, however, that we don’t have to wait until a national holiday comes around to demonstrate our patriotism? There is no reason that outdoor flags sporting the stars and stripes can’t wave mightily in our front yards year round.

When we hang American flags on our property all year ’round, we are telling the world that we believe in American exceptionalism– that we are proud to live in the greatest country in the world. We also encourage that sentiment in our neighbors. Then they see our outdoor flags in red, white, and blue flapping in the wind, it will give them pause to consider their own patriotism while they are out walking their dogs, or shoveling snow, or getting the morning paper. So too will passing motorists be confronted with our pride in the American way as they drive by outdoor flags at full mast. It will give them a moment to ponder the meaning of Old Glory as they motor on towards their respective destinations.

Outdoor flags celebrating the United States of America can be purchased from many flag stores online. These are outdoor flags available at a number of different price points. For example, if there is disposable income on hand, one can purchase high end, custom embroidered American flags. On the other hand, if a patriotic American does not have the cash to invest in expensive outdoor flags, he can purchase polyester American flags at very little cost. Americans at all points on the wealth spectrum can make it clear that they love liberty by purchasing and flying outdoor flags that fit their budget. That is just one of the myriad things that makes this country great. Great references here: www.flagsusa.com

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