3 Things Loggers Can Do To Stay Safe


Within the logging industry, there are a lot of safety standards. These standards can often feel overwhelming or too restrictive but the dangers inherent to the job makes it very important to remain vigilant. Whether you’re dealing with the logging chokers as the choke setter or dealing with cable and rigging products to create a safer place for people to walk, you have a huge part of the safety of the entire team. Here are some things you can do to help keep everyone safe.

  • Check your equipment…
    Your logging chokers and safety straps should all be free from damage. Check for rips, tears, rust, chips, wear, and any other sign of compromised structural integrity. Your employer is required to provide safe equipment for you to work with, and things will wear down over time. Making sure you have a solid, safe, working tool is a huge part of everyone’s overall safety.
  • Take training seriously…
    If you’re just starting out and you think it might be funny to try a couple of jokes on the job you should really take a step back and think about it. Practical jokes involving equipment or happening near equipment can cost someone their life. During your training, you’ll have received a lot of safety information. Things like when and where to wear high visibility equipment and the importance of seatbelts. If you didn’t receive this information, you should definitely reach out to your site supervisor and request it.
  • Be aware of the weather…
    Logs get slick when wet. If you have to walk across a large stack of logs and its pouring down rain you are very likely to fall. On average falls are the number one cause of death on construction and logging sites. Don’t assume that you’re safe, always be aware of your environment.

The guidelines for logging safety are constantly under review. The more familiar you are with the safety practices of this dangerous industry, the safer you will be. It may be a good idea to take part in a safety committee at your site. If there isn’t one, starting one can really benefit all your co-workers. A safe work environment benefits everyone.

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