Tires or Tracks 5 Considerations Before Choosing


A popular debate over time has always revolved around whether combine tires are a better choice or tracks. When investing a significant amount of money it’s important to know all the facts to determine whether it makes more sense to purchase front tractor tires, rear tractor wheels or tracks for your tractor. Consider these points below to help you make an informed decision when it comes to combine tires or tracks and which decision makes more sense.


You should consider the weight of what will be pulled with the tractor. Where are you pulling it and how will the weight affect it? If weight disbursement is an issue then tracks are going to be a better choice. They will evenly distribute the weight to help eliminate any ruts that may come from pulling the load. Heavier loads pulled on soil by tires can leave ruts which will in turn make it harder to pull future loads. Tracks will distribute the weight more evenly to leave only tracks in the soil rather than deep ruts with large mounds of soil from the tires.


Consider maintenance when choosing between combine tires or tracks for your tractor. There is going to be a significant different when it comes to maintaining the two. Maintenance may very well be easier for tires compared to tracks. Routine maintenance is required for both, but tire maintenance is not only easier, but quicker. It takes less time to properly maintain combine tires than it does to properly maintain tracks for your tractor.


Cost is yet another issue that should not be ignored. The cost between tracks and combine tires is going to differ greatly. Tracks require a much larger investment than tires do. Tires do not require as large of an investment, even though there are four tires compared with two tracks. The investment price of tracks is going to be higher, because of course they are not meant to be purchased or replaced as much as tires would need to be. If you want something that won’t require purchasing again anytime soon, and you can afford the larger investment then tracks would be a wise choice.


Considering where you are going to be using your combine tires or tracks is another thing that you want to consider before making a purchase. If you will be using the road quite often, then you will find that tracks are going to slow you down considerably. If public roads are a main part of your transportation route, keep in mind that you will constantly be holding up other cars. If you travel across many roads then combine tires may be a better option compared with tracks.

Fuel Efficiency

The difference between fuel efficiency will come down to what type of material you are traveling on. Determining where you travel the most will help determine which will have the most fuel efficiency. When more time is spent traveling on concrete the fuel efficiency is increased when using tires. When more time is spent on soil, especially loose soil that isn’t compacted, the most fuel efficiency was seen when using tracks.

Taking the time to determine which one is the better option will help you save money in the long run. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, but if you do then they will help you make the smartest decision when it comes to choosing between combine tires or tracks. Careful considerations and taking the time to answer to a few questions before making a decision will ensure that you choose what is right for your tractor, your load and your driving conditions.

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