Some of Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches designed a prototype helicopter, though such vehicles would not be fully realized until the 1950s. Ever since then, helicopters of all shapes and sizes have seen extensive use around the world for many different purposes, and some of them are commercial, while others are privately owned. And of course, many helicopters are used by the world’s militaries, and the United States is no exception. Many branches of the American military make use of helicopters for troop or cargo transport, aerial cover fire, and more. The Black Hawk, Chinook, Apache, and other models are commonly known military helicopters, or “choppers.” But helicopters have plenty of use in peaceful civilian contexts too, and many Americans learn to fly them simply for leisure. All the same, these are large and complicated vehicles, and of course they will need basic upkeep and repair as necessary. Helicopter parts suppliers can be found from helicopter spare parts suppliers around the world, and Sikorsky parts, for example, may suit a wholesale buyer’s needs. Whether a buyer needs Sikorsky parts or Black Hawk parts or anything else, the right parts will keep a helicopter aloft and in good shape.

Using Helicopters

As mentioned above, these vehicles often are used by the American military, and many models are designed specifically for combat. These helicopters have armored bodies to survive a war zone, and they also have room for weapon emplacements ranging from machine guns to missile launchers on board. Some of these helicopters even have arms to hold these armaments. The Korean War and the Vietnam War, for example, are well-known conflicts where the military used such vehicles, and of course they are still in use today for American military operations. Some helicopters may have ample storage room rather than mount large weapons, such as the Chinook, distinctive for its two sets of rotors and spacious cargo areas.

Meanwhile, many civilians uses for helicopters exist, too. News crews often make use of helicopters to get aerial views and footage of events and landscapes for their reporting, and outlets such as CNN and CBS may have crews aloft to record events from high above. A jet or plane would travel too fast to get a good view, but camera crews can use a helicopter, which can travel much more slowly or even hover if need be. Hovering is a major aspect of helicopters that gives them some advantages over jets, and this is true for both the military and civilian sectors. This may also be true during rescue operations, and helicopters can reach many places that ground-based vehicles cannot. A person stranded on a mountain, for example, would be difficult to reach by truck, but a helicopter can easily arrive on the scene and hover in place. Rescue crews may extend either a ladder or a litter for the rescuee to use and get on board. The same is true if the party being rescued is out at sea, and rescue helicopters may reach and rescue these people even during storms or choppy waters that would deter boat-based recovery. And finally, many Americans learn to fly helicopters simply for the leisure of it.

Helicopter Care

A military base, search and rescue squad, or private owner alike may buy the right replacement and repair parts for their helicopter, and such repair parts may be Sikorsky parts or other brands. A client may set up business relations with a supplier of Sikorsky parts, for example, and receive new components for their vehicle as needed. Parts of the control board may become faulty, or the rotors or engine may suffer issues. A helicopter may develop a wobble or vibrations as its rotors spin, and this is not to be desired. Such vibrations may disrupt the helicopter’s flight stability, and in extreme cases, strong vibration may even damage the helicopter’s components from the sheer force. Experts may be called upon to diagnose the problem, and the owner may then order new Sikorsky parts or other brands to replace whatever component is causing the problem or was damaged by the excessive vibrations. Even whole spare rotors may be used if a rotor is damaged due to striking debris or excessive vibrations during flight.

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